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Designer Dessert Yee Sang

RM 93.28

Chinese New Year feasting can be healthy and sweet with The Bowls x Pretty On Plate Designer Dessert Yee Sang. 

It consists of 10 types of fresh fruits and vegetables( ie sweet turnip, lychees, strawberries, pineapple cubes, dried cranberries/blackcurrants, mandarin oranes, carrots, pomegranates, Pamelo and watercress. ), 4 types of designer dessert (ie. Callebaut dark chocolate Calets/ Crispearls, passion fruit infused glass noodles, 54% dark choclate cake and salted caramel truffle balls), 2 types of nuts and seeds (ie.almond prosperity coins and roasted peanuts), and serve with our house specialty honey Yuzu sauce.

新年大餐可以健康又美味! The Bowls x Pretty On Plate 今年推出特制甜品鱼生含有 10种新鲜蔬果:甜萝卜、荔枝、草莓、黄梨块、干蔓越莓/黑加仑、柑、红萝卜、石榴、柚子和水田芥;4种特制甜品:黑巧克力、54%黑巧克力蛋糕、百香果冬粉和松露球;2种豆籽类:杏仁和花生;再配上自制蜜糖柚子酱, 让你有个甜蜜的新年。

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